Wednesday, November 18, 2009

assalamualaikum wbt & salam sejahtera kepada semua...(skema!)

perggh lama giler dah tak memblog...ermm nak buat macamana bz kerja memanjang..banyak cerita & gambar2 yg hendak di kongsi ...skrg ni just udpate facebook je..takpe la buat permulaan ..aku letak pic ni ..bakal model hehe

p/s : latest pic jenguk la my facebook ek..klu nak add tu add je...jangan malu hehe..

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  1. I will be travelling to dar es salam in a month, i will only be spending a week or so, can u tell me the best places to go with prices? is it possible to go lake victoria?

  2. People who have problem with the punishment of zina are the ones who will have problem with everything the Quran says if it doesn't appeals to their common sense. Because they tend to think they are the intelligent ones and should be able to "understand" everything Allah decides.

  3. Child smilling is really very cute... I like it....

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