Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my workstation in office

apa ek yg ada atas meja aku nih?

1. my workstation view from above
2. souvenirs from friends
3. my tray & 160gb external hardisk

4. my notes
5. my passcard
6. my drink ~ mineral water

7. my reference
8. letter need to post
9. my phone

10. my monitor (sakit mata tengok benda alah ni dari pagi sampi petang)
11. you're connected!
12. lalalalala, my entertainment

13 . mr incredible (gift from kak ani)
14. piggy bank (gift from friend)
15.  ermm...what we have here?....

16. name card holder
17. ratatouille ~ but this one can't cook or speak..hahaha
18. my note + conteng2 book

19. not for sale..its mine
20. spot the difference
21. don't know what it is for..just put it there (menyemak je kan..)

22. my note+formula book & diary
23. don't leave me lonely
24. for note (conteng2 pun boleh gak)

25. from mr.bush 

ok that's all..akan ada penambahan di masa akan datang hehehe..

p/s : nasib baik meja dah kemas sikit  time mood nak amik pic nih


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