Friday, October 24, 2008

tag by uncle simon

kena tag by uncle simon. apa kebenda tag ni ntah la but ot seems like research interview. tak suka sangat tag nih sebab kena jawab soalan yg panjang2 ...nasib baik leh jawab simple2 let's se my answers

[01] Name: azwan
[02] Nickname: rarza, wan
[03] Married: one day
[04] Zodiac Sign: libra
[05] Gender: male
[06] Age: 29+
[07] High School: raudhatul ma'arif, batu 9
[08] University: uitm
[09] Height: 161cm
[10] Weight: 67kg
[11] Do you like yourself: of course..yes
[12] Piercings: never
[13] Right or left: mostly right but mana2 pun boleh
[14] Are you a freak: think so!
[15] Hair: baru je short b4 this long
[16] Skin: fair
[17] Allergic: lipas je la kot
[18] What are you doing now: fill up tag sambil baring atas tilam dalam bilik
[19] What will you do 1 hour later: ntah la rasa macam ngantuk je...
[20] What will you do 10 years later: tak pernah fikir

[21] Live with mother/father/parents: nope
[22] Siblings(included you): 2
[23] Eldest: aku le
[24] Youngest: My brother
[25] Love/hate your family: harus la love....

[26] You found your another half: entah la ye kot!
[27] If yes, who is he/she: bukan vip or vvip
[28] If no, who you want he/she to be: jadi diri sendiri je
[29] Time(s) you in relationship: entah 
[30] Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000): ada kot
[31] Anyone woo you before(0-100000): ada jugak kot
[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: sapa yg tak pernah wat salah
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: x ingat
[34] Ever argue with your other half: wajib
[35] You with your other half since: ntah
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: lurus
[37] Reasons you love your other half: perlu sebab ke?
[38] You and your other half in which stage: level
[39] You woo-ed her/him or he/she woo you: mana2 je
[40] Ever think of marry he/she: maybe ..jodoh di tgn tuhan

[41] Your first best friend: zakaria
[42] Your first enemy: enemy..ermmm ntah la takde kot
[43] The friend you love the most: my housemate
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): takde..sebab tak baik utk kesihatan
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: semua cantik
[46] Your most handsome guy friend: semua handsome
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: x sedar diri
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: berlagak
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: never
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover : nope
[51] If your friend backstab you: stab dia depan2 plak
[52] If your friend betray you: nak buat camne dah jadi biar je la
[53] If your friend woo your lover: redha
[54] If your friend fall in love with you: klu dah jodoh..
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: pastu susah nak better dont

[56] Are you a good student: tak sebab suka ponteng
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: x suka pada homework
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: semua (acctually tak ingat nama..hehe)
[59] Always late to school/college: biasa la
[60] Your class: crazy
[61] You love your seniors: biasa2 je
[62] Senior who you love the most: takde
[63] Your classmates good/bad: happening
[64] Excellent result classmate: sapa ek?
[65] Laziest classmate: siapa lagi aku le

[66] Smart people:sesapa je
[67] Stupid people: pak pandir dulu2..yg moden dah pandai
[68] Good looking people: Everyone
[69] Ugly people: ada ke?
[70] Funny people: Clown
[71] Cute people: kids
[72] Bad people: ramai gile
[73] Honest people: my mum
[74] Acting people: orang yg hipokrit
[75] You are what kind of people: u tell me what kind of person i am

[76] Lip or eyes: lips
[77] Hugs or kisses: hugs
[78] Shorter or taller: taller
[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: spontananeous
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach
[81] Listener or talker: listener
[82] Romantic or rich: tak kisah pun mana2
[83] Good husband or Good Father: father

[84] Age to get marry: jodoh sampai kawin je la
[85] Numbers of kid(s): selagi boleh "proses"
[86] Career: x kisah janji ok
[87] Salary: setinggi yg boleh
[88] Retirement age: bila dah tak larat
[89] Properties value: makan tak abis nye!
[90] Wishes: gi haji ngan my family

[91] sesapa saja yg rasa nak jawab tag nih... sila2 jgn malu  n segan
[92] -sda-
[93] -sda-

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