Monday, December 1, 2008

lepas kerja ~ bowling

last friday, satu opis gi main bowling....vee belanja (nanti belanja lagik ek!)..main kat alam sentra,shah alam..itu je yg paling dekat ngan opis...cuma tempat dia kurang menarik la...rating..ermm get 1 out of 5...faham2 je lah ek klu dapat satu tempat dia camne... 

shah alam mega lane, 4th floor 
macam nak buat album cover je diorg nih

gg in actions...

shahrol...highest score..

amran slow n steady

mr K...tak sempat nak snap gaya melutut dia 


  1. Yes, you should have your own equipment and join at least two leagues. The lanes are better when you bowl in leagues. Have the pro in the your bowling alley pro shop watch you bowl and advise on what type of bowling ball you need. Try using a "reactive ball", not a cute plastic ball. Good luck and good bowling!

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