Thursday, January 29, 2009

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I've been tagged by sankai. Its called,

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My idea of going on a date would be... simple but memorable..

The worst punishment my parents gave me was...rotan  because I... "patahkan katil" (wrestling ngan adik...masa tu keck lagik)

My most extravagant splurge in the last six months dslr

If I can have a super-ability, I'd want to have...ironman...bleh..terbang..tembak...sambil tu shoot pic..lompat tinggi2 ..bla..bla.bla..

KL is...crazy

My influences in life are... my dad

I have climbed the highest mountain on earth and found the wisest man in the entire galaxy. And I can ask him only one question. I am going to ask him...  hi how are u?

My wishes for 2009 would be that...get a car! & more crazy gadget & business..doakan ek

Lastly, I'd like to be remembered by... i long as a good thing ok la kot..tapi org selalu ingat benda yg buruk je hahaha

i'd like to tag ... rizal, uncle simon, mawar, ucen, schizo (tak kira kena gak!)

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